Tech training included in White House community college proposal

President Barack Obama’s proposal to make community college free for million of students includes a technical training fund to get graduates ready for IT jobs.

New IT subcommittee to debut in 114th Congress

Less than a week after the Federal Information Technology Acquisition and Reform Act and several cybersecurity-related pieces of legislation passed the U.S. House and Senate to close out the 113th Congress, the head of the next Congress’ Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced a new subcommittee devoted solely to IT.

Education Department OIG uncovers IT vulnerabilities

The information technology systems at the Education Department are vulnerable to attacks, according to a report this month from the agency’s inspector general.

President urges school superintendents to commit to digital education

Obama urged the nation’s 16,000 school superintendents at a White House ceremony to “take the pledge” and commit their districts to move forward in supporting digital education.

White House announces grants for college IT programs

A portion of $450 million in grants from the White House will be used to fund 25 job-driven education programs in cybersecurity and information technology through partnerships with private sector companies like Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen and SpaceX, Vice President Joe Biden announced Monday.

OMB ignores GAO’s software licensing recommendations

Following a report released by the Government Accountability Office in May that said federal agencies need better software licensing management, a new GAO report released last week found that all but three heeded the suggestions.

White House releases new open government initiatives

Criticized for his administration’s lack of transparency, President Barack Obama announced a series of new open government initiatives Wednesday designed to improve online accessibility, education and innovation.

Agencies shine in new Twitter handbook for government and elections

Citing examples from several departments and agencies, Twitter released a guide for government and elections usage last week, covering the basics from what the social media network is and how to compose a tweet to more complex topics like live-tweeting events, constituent engagement and Twitter question and answer sessions.

Education Department releases student data guidance

The Education Department released guidance for school districts Friday on how to keep parents and students informed about what student data is being collected and how it is being used.

Up & Comers: Education Department’s Mindy Chiat

When Mindy Chiat joined the Education Department in 2006 as an intern, the federal student aid process was spread across 14 different websites. Now, Chiat leads the office’s integrated student experience project that works to combine all of those options into one.

Labor Department produces development kit for Apple’s Swift

That was fast. The Department of Labor has written an SDK for Apple’s Swift, which has only been available to the public for a month.

Agencies find digital gov success by focusing on customers

The DigitalGov Citizen Services Summit hosted Thursday at the General Services Administration building explored many of the tactics federal organizations are using to bring their online presence and operations up to speed, but a resounding number of the representatives at the event referred to the customer as their main focus during this time of digital revolution in government.

GAO details sequestration’s impact on agencies

The top-level bumps and bruises of the 2013 sequestration have been more than apparent since the major cuts went into effect last March. But a new Government Accountability Office report released Wednesday shows in detail how the decrease in funding reduced or delayed federal agency operations and public services, affecting their partners, like state and local governments, as well.

New STEM initiatives highlight White House Science Fair

Obama used the fourth annual science fair to announce new initiatives by the Education Department to support a February 2012 effort to train and employ 100,000 new STEM teachers. The new effort includes a $35 million competition will train some math and science graduates to become teachers.

Mining of student data raises privacy concerns

Advancements in educational technology claim to have found a way to personalize a student’s coursework to maintain engagement. But as the ability to personalize technology continues to increase, some ed-tech companies, according to a study done by POLITICO, are monitoring students’ activity online and mining data about their usage, a subject of growing concern for privacy advocates.

Social government makes inroads with citizens

Federal agencies perform “very well” when using social media to service citizens, a newly released study said.

Education Department aims to make college more affordable with APIs

Like many other agencies, the Education Department is asking the public for input on ways it can increase innovation, transparency and access to data.

Uptick in agency STEM initiatives

The Education Department has launched a new blog to showcase the innovative efforts of teachers and students across the country.

Schools held more accountable for veteran treatment

Veterans, service members and their families will have a new way to file complaints with educational institutions receiving money through military educational benefits programs.

PIF deadlines as model for government

Aaron Snow, Mollie Ruskin and James Sanders were at different agencies during their time in the Presidential Innovation Fellows program, but they have something in common — the belief that government can operate under the same tight deadlines the fellows did.

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