New IT subcommittee to debut in 114th Congress

Less than a week after the Federal Information Technology Acquisition and Reform Act and several cybersecurity-related pieces of legislation passed the U.S. House and Senate to close out the 113th Congress, the head of the next Congress’ Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced a new subcommittee devoted solely to IT.

Best places to work: Top 10 large federal agencies

Once again, NASA topped the list of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government among large agencies. The space agency garnered the No.1 spot for the past three years, despite budget cuts and the end of the space shuttle program.

Job satisfaction among feds falls to all-time low

NASA once again tops the list as the large federal agency with the highest employee satisfaction, according to a new survey. But overall, federal employee satisfaction fell for the fourth consecutive year.

White House releases new open government initiatives

Criticized for his administration’s lack of transparency, President Barack Obama announced a series of new open government initiatives Wednesday designed to improve online accessibility, education and innovation.

Agencies shine in new Twitter handbook for government and elections

Citing examples from several departments and agencies, Twitter released a guide for government and elections usage last week, covering the basics from what the social media network is and how to compose a tweet to more complex topics like live-tweeting events, constituent engagement and Twitter question and answer sessions.

IG for Afghan reconstruction investigating botched telecom deal

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction wants to know why the State Department spent millions of dollars on telecommunications towers that were either never used or transferred to the Pentagon as “excess” property.

Could providing government services save the post office?

Even as the financial situation for the United States Postal Service continues to grow more dim, the agency could look to providing services for government agencies to cut costs governmentwide and bring some additional revenue to the in-debt postal provider.

AT&T to provide secure IP phone systems for State

From Podgorica, Montenegro to Kiev, Ukraine, the United States has nearly 300 embassies and consulates overseas. A new deal between AT&T and the State Department will ensure that all of them are connected with secure internet protocol telephony.

IBM dreams of a federal-friendly Watson

Outside of competitive trivia and board games, Watson’s value to society will likely materialize in its ability to produce sought after information from several locales in the time it takes a human to process a thought. And for federal agencies, that means improved services both internally and externally.

State Department awards cloud-based video collaboration contract

The State Department is moving some of its video collaboration service to the cloud.

State Department reels in a Fishackathon

Hackathons aren’t a new phenomenon in government: Groups of developers gather for a specified length of time to solve the world’s problems through coding. But a new initiative from the State Department will for the first time apply the hackathon concept to the problems facing the world’s oceans.

Social government makes inroads with citizens

Federal agencies perform “very well” when using social media to service citizens, a newly released study said.

Feds take realistic look at continuous diagnostics mitigation

Margie Graves, deputy chief information officer at the Homeland Security Department, Peter Gouldmann, director of the State Department’s information risk programs, and Steve Viar, director of FEDSIM at the General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service spoke at yesterday’s AFFIRM luncheon about the current status and future of continuous diagnostics mitigation.

Sochi security: Experts concerned about terrorism info sharing

A week after FedScoop first reported the U.S. State Department was sending as many as 350 diplomatic security agents and intelligence analysts to Sochi to help coordinate Olympic security with Russian officials, security experts in the U.S. said they are concerned about the amount of cooperation and information sharing taking place ahead of the games.

‘Who is minding the store?’ FedScoop’s top 9 federal tech vacancies

With the holidays looming and Congress about to go on break, FedScoop decided to look into the top tech vacancies in the government.

FedScoop 50 Q&A: Isaiah Joo

During the FedScoop 50 Awards Nov. 21 reception, FedScoop passed out a fun questionnaire to award winners and nominees to get to know them better outside of the office. FedScoop has compiled some of their answers for your enjoyment.

Education innovation is abound at Tech@State

Two Tech@State panels discussed recommendations and programs that will use technology in the classroom or to help students learn about technology.

Government officials make list of top minds

Alex Ross, Hilda Solis and Cathy Lanier have been included on the Daily Muse’s 50 Fearless Minds Changing the World list.

Using tech to fight human trafficking epidemic

The White House is using technology to tackle an age-old issue from a new perspective. Human trafficking is a global problem and one the administration has pledged to redouble its efforts on here in the U.S.

State Department’s Greg Ambrose on reducing redundant contracts

Greg Ambrose, director, consular systems and technology, State Department, talks with FedScoopTV about how interagency partnerships can help cut redundant contracts.

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