CNN to study drone use for newsgathering

The Federal Aviation Administration has yet to issue its past due notice of proposed rule-making on small unmanned aircraft systems, but it has given exemptions to CNN and a few other small businesses to legally operate drones since the New Year.

Desktops, laptops remain primary gateways to agency sites

A GAO report found that between 82 and 94 percent of visitors still accessed the agencies’ websites with a laptop or desktop.

New IT subcommittee to debut in 114th Congress

Less than a week after the Federal Information Technology Acquisition and Reform Act and several cybersecurity-related pieces of legislation passed the U.S. House and Senate to close out the 113th Congress, the head of the next Congress’ Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced a new subcommittee devoted solely to IT.

FAA, industry groups launch UAS safety campaign

The campaign, Know Before You Fly, aims to increase awareness of UAS operation rules and regulations.

Transportation Department launches app to curb drunk driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration unveiled a new app that helps users call a taxi, call a friend or find their location. Through the app, the agency hopes to keep drunk drivers off the roads.

FAA 2014: From UAS integration to NextGen

It was a relatively tumultuous year for the Federal Aviation Administration. In addition to facing difficulties in the continued rollout of the Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen, the agency’s inspector general also reported the agency would miss its 2015 small unmanned aircraft system integration deadline.

Agencies lay groundwork to make data more valuable

Chief data officers are helping federal agencies make government data cleaner, more accessible and ultimately independent of the systems they were created on.

As UAS exemptions grow, questions remain on qualifications

The agency announced Wednesday it had approved five more requests for four different companies to use drones for aerial surveying, construction site monitoring and oil rig flare stack inspections.

Best places to work: Top 10 federal subagencies

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Office of General Counsel leapt to the top of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government among agency subcomponents.

Best places to work: Top 10 large federal agencies

Once again, NASA topped the list of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government among large agencies. The space agency garnered the No.1 spot for the past three years, despite budget cuts and the end of the space shuttle program.

FAA to upgrade contingency systems after Chicago blaze

When an air traffic control center employee set fire to a critical part of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Chicago Center air traffic control hub, flights were canceled or delayed in the Midwest. Now, the agency is looking into what went wrong and how it can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Senators call on FAA to expedite drone rulemaking

A group of senators want the FAA to speed up the process for integrating small unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace.

NextGen components come to D.C., Texas

Parts of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen, are coming to the Washington, D.C., metro area and to airports in northern Texas, according to two recent announcements from the agency.

What does the Pirker ruling mean for the FAA and drones?

In the wake of a recent ruling, members of industry are calling on the FAA to use its regulatory authority of unmanned aerial vehicles to encourage innovation.

NextGen dominates FAA reauthorization debate

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee chairman Bill Shuster, R-Pa., convened a hearing to start looking at the upcoming 2015 reauthorization bill for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Public and private research supports UAS commercialization

As the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2015 deadline for integrating small unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace approaches, members of the private, public and education sectors are already looking into the ways they can use drones to make tasks easier and safer — with or without the FAA.

Transportation Department launches website for cruise ship info

Even though the Transportation Department only has minimal involvement in the cruise line industry, the department launched a website last week to direct users to the appropriate agency, whether it be the Federal Maritime Commission or the Coast Guard, to handle their complaint or comment.

DOT chief data officer prepares for forthcoming ‘wave’ of digital transportation data

The world of transportation data is about to explode as more means of travel become digitally interconnected, making the amount of data the Transportation Department handles today “look like child’s play,” Richard McKinney, the department’s chief information officer, said recently. That’s why, in preparation for that inevitable surge of data, McKinney hired DOT’s first ever chief data officer.

Unmanned high-tech balloon used in hunt for alleged murderer

Since September, authorities have been searching for a man who allegedly gunned down a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper. Now, police are deploying an unmanned aircraft system — a silent, high-tech balloon equipped with cameras to monitor a three-to-five-mile radius — to help with the search.

NextGen plan cites funding as ongoing concern

As the Federal Aviation Administration continues to attempt to roll out the Next Generation Air Transportation System, the latest joint implementation plan released by the agency said that without any changes to the current trajectory, the project will be funded fully.

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