Want more women in IT? Change the approach to young girls

A group of federal CIOs — all women — said if the nation is going to be successful in attracting more women to the federal IT field it will have to change the messaging it sends to young girls in grammar school.

Obama announces federal initiatives to help states expand broadband

The executive branch is expanding its role in helping state and local communities get access to high-speed broadband through a variety of sources, President Barack Obama said Wednesday.

Biden to unveil cybersecurity ed grant for black colleges

Experts say the grant will provide black students, who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM and cybersecurity fields, with more job opportunities.

Obama’s cyber bill faces tough questions from experts

The White House unveiled a detailed legislative plan Tuesday that would give private sector companies liability protection in return for sharing technical cyber threat data with the federal government in an effort to prevent future cyberattacks like the one that crippled Sony Pictures Entertainment. But cybersecurity practitioners are warning that the strategy may lack the detailed planning necessary to make it work.

Privacy experts laud Obama’s bid to safeguard student data

Obama’s consumer protection proposal included a measure to protect personal student data so technology companies can’t advertise products to kids.

Tech training included in White House community college proposal

President Barack Obama’s proposal to make community college free for million of students includes a technical training fund to get graduates ready for IT jobs.

Inside Frank Baitman’s plans to consolidate HHS IT in 2015

Frank Baitman has a long list of IT plans for HHS in 2015, but disconnect within the federated department is making things a bit tricky.

Karen Britton, Alissa Johnson leaving White House posts

Two top technology officials are leaving the executive branch: White House Chief Information Officer Karen Britton and Deputy Chief Information Officer Alissa Johnson.

Agencies fall short of White House targets for cybersecurity

The White House is seeing an upward trend in new cybersecurity practices governmentwide, but the Obama administration is finding that not all agencies are living up to the cyber standards it set forth in last year’s cross-agency priority goals.

Response to Sony hack reveals limits of U.S. cyber doctrine

While cybersecurity analysts continue to argue about whether North Korea was behind the attack and what it might mean for the prospects of cybersecurity legislation in the new Congress, some national security analysts see the real lesson in the time it took the U.S. to respond to what it has said was a state-sponsored cyber attack that undermined free expression and caused significant financial harm to a major corporation.

Desktops, laptops remain primary gateways to agency sites

A GAO report found that between 82 and 94 percent of visitors still accessed the agencies’ websites with a laptop or desktop.

Federal IT 2015: What to watch

From the White House to the General Services Administration and the Defense Department, the past year was about planning and building foundations. As a result, 2015 has all the makings of a year of action — with any luck.

New IT subcommittee to debut in 114th Congress

Less than a week after the Federal Information Technology Acquisition and Reform Act and several cybersecurity-related pieces of legislation passed the U.S. House and Senate to close out the 113th Congress, the head of the next Congress’ Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced a new subcommittee devoted solely to IT.

Hashmi: Budget boosts shouldn’t revert CIOs to old habits

As money makes its way back into the federal government post-sequestration and as agency chief information officers might soon have more influence over technology spending with new IT acquisition reform close to becoming law, some CIOs aren’t in a rush to return to the money-slinging ways of IT days past.

2014 Year-in-Review: Big names and big stories

SPECIAL REPORT: Fedscoop’s 2014 Year-in-Review. We take a look back at this year’s biggest newsmakers in federal IT and the challenges that government technology professionals faced as they tried to keep pace with the fast-moving world of tech.

We have you covered through the 12 days of federal IT, from acquisition to cloud computing, Congress, cybersecurity, Defense, FAA, FCC, health IT, patent and trademark, Veterans Affairs, the White House and workforce issues.

Congress 2014: The year of unfinished business

In the legislative branch, the 113th Congress took IT reform and cybersecurity bills right down to the wire, passing both just days before adjourning for the holidays.

Exclusive: HHS to lead 2-year DATA Act pilot

The DATA Act is in full swing, and it’s well known that the Office of Management and Budget and the Treasury Department are partnering to issue a governmentwide set of data standards by May 2015. What’s less known, however, is the Department of Health and Human Services’ role to lead a two-year pilot of the DATA Act beginning the same time next year.

White House officially unveils disaster data portal

More than two years after Hurricane Sandy stormed the East Coast, the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy officially launched a portal to aggregate open disaster-related data from across the country.

Justice Department releases two APIs as part of new digital services

Justice Department unveiled the DOJ News API and the DOJ Law Jobs API, which enable Web developers to build mobile apps, websites and other software applications that can search, sort and filter through the department’s press releases, blog posts, speeches and job vacancies.

Obama backs senior leadership with three new initiatives

President Barack Obama didn’t come bearing raises or holiday bonuses Tuesday while speaking to an audience of Senior Executive Service members, but he did offer the federal government’s leaders his thanks and a trio of new initiatives to make their service more impactful.

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