Patent office hosts IT Meetup featuring Etsy speaker

Quirky e-commerce site Etsy made a house call to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Wednesday night. During a USPTO-sponsored Meetup, Etsy’s Ryan Frantz spoke about DevOps – a trendy IT philosophy that calls for development and operations teams to work together so they can more rapidly deploy new systems.

Are social media companies doing enough to stop terrorist recruitment?

The world’s most popular social media sites and an increasing number of new, emerging social platforms have replaced members-only chatrooms and message boards as the preferred method of terrorist organizations to radicalize and recruit new members.

‘Dream team’ releases first U.S. open government playbook

A working group of more than 40 government agencies and nonprofits is asking for the public’s help in crafting a guide that details the best ways for the government to engage and collaborate with its citizens.

Great shot: Icelandic police document their adventures on Instagram

Officers in Iceland’s Reykjavik Metropolitan Police have taken to Instagram to show what it’s like to serve on the force.

Patent office’s #creepyIP celebrates weird, wondrous inventions

The Patent and Trademark Office features spooky intellectual property art using the hashtag #creepyIP.

Twitter sues federal government for transparency

Twitter filed a lawsuit against the federal government alleging that it censored the microblogging platform’s scope in producing transparency reports on NSA requests to monitor users’ accounts.

Agencies shine in new Twitter handbook for government and elections

Citing examples from several departments and agencies, Twitter released a guide for government and elections usage last week, covering the basics from what the social media network is and how to compose a tweet to more complex topics like live-tweeting events, constituent engagement and Twitter question and answer sessions.

Feds encouraged to test the waters on Reddit

Though individual federal agencies’ have used it to communicate to and with the public for a while now, Reddit is starting to get an influx of government consideration.

Congress, don’t stop editing Wikipedia

Wikimedia DC — the nonprofit regional Wikimedia chapter for the Washington, D.C., area committed to promoting the upkeep of Wikipedia’s public services — published a blog post Monday challenging congressional staffers to continue editing away on Wikipedia.

How agencies can avoid the ‘spiral of silence’

A new study from the Pew Research Center says social media hasn’t helped further public discourse. Is there anything agencies can do?

Twitter bots like @congressedits expose agency Wikipedia behavior

A Wikipedia monitoring tool called @congressedits makes it easier to identify potentially politically motivated edits. Advocates claim it can benefit the public.

Anti-social: Feds wonder why social media companies drag feet on accessibility issues

The Federal Communications Commission hosted a panel of experts Thursday to talk about the challenges and ongoing need to make social media platforms more accessible to those with disabilities. But there was one group of representatives that was notably absent from the proceedings: the social media companies themselves.

House passes DHS bill to enhance social media use in disasters

Communication during emergencies has changed drastically in the past decade, evidenced by the use of tools like Twitter to spread important information during crises. Taking advantage of that shift, the House of Representatives passed legislation by vote of 357-19 Tuesday requiring the Department of Homeland Security to form a social media working group to provide guidance and preparedness for social media use should an attack occur.

DigitalGov rolls out 3 new social media toolkits in quest for ‘social government’

As GSA’s DigitalGov enters its third year of existence, it aims to make socialgov “bigger, badder, better and bolder.”

U.S., U.K. slip in global e-government rankings

The U.S. and United Kingdom are losing ground to Australia, Singapore, Japan and others as electronic government innovators, according to a new United Nations report. The Republic of Korea, meanwhile, retained the top spot for the third time in a row as the world’s most advanced nation in delivering government services electronically.

CIA breaks its social media silence with a joke

Years after many government departments and agencies began moving to social media, CIA made its first ever posts Friday on Twitter and Facebook, peeling away a bit of the agency’s veil of secrecy.

Social government makes inroads with citizens

Federal agencies perform “very well” when using social media to service citizens, a newly released study said.

Politicos make a splash on Time’s ’140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2014′

Time magazine released its annual list of the “140 Best Twitter Feeds” on Monday, and the federal IT and government community made an abbreviated appearance in the rundown.

New crowdsourcing platform to improve public service

In an effort to “unlock the collaborative genius” of citizens, the General Services Administration has launched its newest social media platform, News Genius.

Education Department’s Nicole Callahan on leveraging external innovation

Nicole Callahan, digital engagement strategist in the Office of Federal Student Aid at the Education Department, talks in this FedScoopTV interview about how to leverage external innovation.

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